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bianca. twenty. nursing student.
i edit asian fashion and photography. i do not own most of the photos i edit. credit for the photos are in the tags and may be in click-through links.  
Anonymous How did you get sponsored?

i’ve answered a similar question about this here :-)

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Anonymous i hope you do well on your studies <3 study hard and make me proud ^^

thank you! i don’t know who this is, but i will. i promise :-)

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Anonymous i just want to tell you how much i love your blog. in high school i was really self-conscious and i didnt dress for myself. your blog has helped me come into my own if that makes sense...

i’m so glad that i could help someone out in this way! a lot of other people (including myself) still have problems with being self-conscious, so you’ve accomplished such an amazing feat. i just want to pat you on the back and hug you and congratulate you for becoming confident in yourself :-)

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Anonymous I really want to get either a pair of creepers or a black chunky boot. Which do you think I should start off with!

if i were you, i wouldn’t know how to choose either lolllll. i’ve been wanting a pair of creepers for a while now too! i’ve heard from a few people that creepers are little difficult to break in, but don’t take it from me! i personally don’t have any experience with them. black chunky boots are so nice and easier to wear and work with so many outfits. winter is coming up soon - well, in a few months - so you might want to get the boots to be prepared for then and then get the creepers at a later date. i can give you this much, but the end decision is up to you ^^

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Anonymous are stores like sheinside and oasap reliable? bc there are a lot of bad reviews but other people who are sponsored don't really have any complaints?

i personally haven’t shopped on oasap before, but i do have experience with sheinside because i am sponsored by them. well with any online shopping experience, there’s always a risk that you won’t like what you receive. it really depends on the item that you’re getting. overall, i’ve had a pretty good experience with the ones i’ve received from sheinside. i also received a few items that i wasn’t entirely satisfied with, but they weren’t so horrible i couldn’t wear them. look at other people’s reviews of the item and gain from their experience. also if you decide to purchase from them, remember to check the measurements of the item against your own! i’ve made this mistake too many times to count and ended up with clothes that don’t fit me lolllll.

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